Thursday, July 9, 2009

Internalize That

"We will never have a challenge [Christ] can't empower us to meet. We will never have a need He can't fill. We will never have an earthly desire He can't exceed. When we allow Christ to be all He is to us, we find wholeness. One piece at a time. Every time you discover the reality of Christ fulfilling another realm of your needs and longings, His name is written on a different part of you, and you are that much closer to wholeness."
-Beth Moore



Sarah said...

Amazing. Amen & Amen echoed here. What Beth Moore study/book is that quote from? Love your posts Lauren :)

Claire said...

Yeah I'd love to know the book. I'm thinking of starting a Beth Moore study- do you have one or two that are your faves? I've never done one by her!