Friday, February 6, 2009

Culture Making

"There are two humanities now in the world. There are two communities. One calls on the name of the Lord and creates culture in God’s name. And seeks with culture to serve God and neighbor. And the other community also makes culture but in order to get glory, in order to prove themselves, in order to make a name for themselves. There’s two ways to make culture. There’s two ways to create a society. One is based on power. One is based on peace. One develops oppression. One develops justice. One is based on power and its result is death. One is based on service and its result is life…."

-From Tim Keller's "A Tale of Two Cities" Sermon
(Photo is the beginning of a piece of art by my friend Teresa)


Teresa Claire said...

Do you recognize it? It's the shadow profile of your shakespeare art!

Madman said...

I'm afraid there may be more than two communities, Tim.

Kato said...

That's really interesting. I hadn't really thought of it that way before...and while I'm sure there are more than two communities, I can definitely think of people in my life that fit into both of the ones you spoke about. I hope to meet him when I get back to New York!